SOSP 2013, through generous donations from conference sponsors, will offer scholarships to assist students attending the conference. Please see the conference site for an overview of the scholarship program, including who should apply and expectations of scholarship recipients.

To apply you should submit the following:

A complete SOSP student scholarship application, using the form at this site. To fill in the form, applicants should create an account, log in, and select the "Start new paper" option under the "Submissions" heading. Please enter the student's name as the submission "title". Note that the form asks for an ACM member number: applicants must be members of the ACM and/or SIGOPS. See the ACM site for a student membership application. The ACM provides reduced rates for students residing in economically developing countries.

A short position statement, to be entered as the submission "abstract" on the form. This position statement should explain the expected benefit of attending the conference. The statement should describe any research that the student has done, and list any published papers. This statement should be no longer than 600 words (one page).

The student's CV, an attachment uploaded as the paper "submission".

Your advisor should submit the following:

A letter of recommendation. This letter must describe the technical appropriateness of the student's participation, and any partial support from other sources (e.g., the student's institution) available to cover the costs of the student's attendance at SOSP. Advisors writing letters for multiple students should include an explicit comparison of how each student would benefit from a scholarship. The advisor should submit the plaintext letter separately, by emailing with the student's name in the subject line.

Note that applicants must directly request their advisors to send their letters to the e-mail address above; NO automated request for letters will be sent by the SOSP scholarship application system.

Applications are due on August 23, 2013.

Please direct any questions about student scholarships to Kim Keeton (, with the subject line "SOSP2013 Scholarships".

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